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"I trust it well enough," NiGHTS said with a smile before hopping onto the Bee’s back also.  Reala surely hadn’t had time to make arrangements to cheat and the Beez he had chosen seemed fair enough.  He took a moment to balance himself as well, getting into a proper placement before pointing out some landscape fixtures.

"Let’s say we circle around the hive, around the black waterfall bend," he said, pointing out a ‘waterfall’ that looked more like an oil fall, "then back to the start?" he suggested.

NiGHTS was right: At least this time, Reala had no time to cheat. The chosen Beez were simply the most convenient. He scanned the proposed route, then looked back to NiGHTS and nodded. “That’s acceptable.” With a muttered order to the Beez, he brought the minion up next to NiGHTS’s. “On my mark: Ready… Go!” A kick to the Beez, and away he went, off through the hive.

With Reala’s blessing, NiGHTS did the same, kicking the side of his Bee for it to head off.  He went in through a separate hole, ducking low to make sure not to knock his head in a rather small spot.  The Bee whizzed through, weaving in and out of the area, but eventually it came to a sudden halt when another Bee sped through in another direction.

"Hey!" NiGHTS protested to the other Bee but it paid him no mind and continued on it’s way.  The First Level quickly kicked his own Bee again, getting it to move in high speed once again.  NiGHTS could only hope that little incident didn’t cost him the race.

Reala kept high, taking hold of the Bee’s antennae as a better way of directing his steed. They rounded a curve, and hearing NiGHTS shout, Reala glanced back to see his partner lagging behind. He flashed a grin, turning around again just in time to narrowly avoid hitting his head on a beam. Straightening up, he gave a small shake of his head. That was too close! Fortunately, the end grew near.

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