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Reala merely watched NiGHTS, silent and still, and listened to the music. His smile remained. It was beautiful, of course. He expected nothing less from his partner, though it was still just as appreciated. It washed away the negative emotions that lingered inside him to grains of sand; only the mild discomfort of his body reminded him of his situation. Part of him thought he ought to drift off to rest, but a louder part wanted to see the show to the end. So he did. He watched the small motions of NiGHTS’s fingers to hit each note, the concentration on his face as he played. As the final note died away, Reala moved. Not having dared to disturb him before, he now wrapped his arms around NiGHTS’s waist and pulled his partner close. Kissing NiGHTS’s side, he settled in among the blankets and closed his eyes. “Excellent playing, NiGHTS, as always.”

NiGHTS smiled softly at him, grateful for the compliment.  He sat the flute aside and gently stroked Reala’s back, appreciating the affection. 

"Naturally," NiGHTS said with confidence, assured of his own skills.  Still, it was always nice to hear it from his partner.  He did his best to make sure his touches were soothing and comforting, while silently hoping Reala didn’t feel worse and attempt to regurgitate on him.  He wasn’t sure he could handle that. 

Having cleansed his system of all traces of Nightopian, Reala was feeling much better. He still felt sensitive to being jerked around, but he didn’t plan on doing any of that anytime soon: With work mostly taken care of, he could afford at least a little bit of rest and recovery. He rumbled contently a bit at the stroking of his back, then let himself fall into a state of rest.

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