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Reala looked up when the shleep entered and watched it start to clean, but that’s all he managed before he threw himself back down on the bed.  The sight had made him queasy all over again, if he was honest with himself. He wondered if NiGHTS was coming back. That final show of sick was disgusting; he would have understood if NiGHTS was finished with him until he felt better.

A few short minutes later, almost-surprise that flickered across his face when he heard NiGHTS’s voice. He had come back. Really, Reala shouldn’t have ever doubted his partner, but then again, there was a reason it wasn’t exact surprise. He sat up, but only glanced at NiGHTS long enough to take the glass of water. “I’m in less pain than I was ten minutes ago, if that’s what you mean.” The phrase ‘all right’ was not his first choice to describe his current state. He stared down at the ice. He wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to drink this or not.

"That’s…. improvement at least," NiGHTS said, giving him a small smile.  He disliked seeing his partner in pain and less was definitely a good thing.  "Is there anything else I can get for you…?" he asked, feeling a little helpless at the moment.  Hopefully the water would help Reala.

Reala gave a single nod. It /was/ improvement. After another moment of hesitation, he took a sip of the water, paused, then took a few small sips more. It helped wash the taste out of his mouth. He didn’t immediately feel like vomiting again, which he was thankful for, but that was enough. He set the glass on the bedside table. To answer NiGHTS’s question, he shook his head. “Nothing that I can think of, no.” He still hadn’t met NiGHTS’s gaze, nor even looked him in the face.

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