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NiGHTS flew along side him, excited for their new destination.  When they arrived, it did not disappoint.  NiGHTS gasped seeing the large Third Levels. 

"They’re HUGE, Reala!” he exclaimed, his eyes wide, a grin on his face.  The Beez were indeed quite large, bigger than Puffy as his partner had said.  He couldn’t believe he’d been missing out on such a cool thing in Nightmare.  He usually knew all the fun spots to go to.  Perhaps he had been spending a little too much time in Nightopia lately. 

Reala smirked at NiGHTS’s awe. He had made a good choice; that was one point for him. He was lucky he had remembered it. “Did you doubt me?” he asked. Floating forward a bit, he put his fingers to his lips and let out a shrill whistle, calling the Beez to him. Several answered, and he dismissed all but two. Hopping onto the back of one, he balanced easily on its oversized abdomen and put a hand on its head as extra insurance for stability. “What do you say, NiGHTS? Are you ready to race, or do you not trust this other steed I procured for you?” He nodded toward the other Bee.

"I trust it well enough," NiGHTS said with a smile before hopping onto the Bee’s back also.  Reala surely hadn’t had time to make arrangements to cheat and the Beez he had chosen seemed fair enough.  He took a moment to balance himself as well, getting into a proper placement before pointing out some landscape fixtures.

"Let’s say we circle around the hive, around the black waterfall bend," he said, pointing out a ‘waterfall’ that looked more like an oil fall, "then back to the start?" he suggested.

NiGHTS was right: At least this time, Reala had no time to cheat. The chosen Beez were simply the most convenient. He scanned the proposed route, then looked back to NiGHTS and nodded. “That’s acceptable.” With a muttered order to the Beez, he brought the minion up next to NiGHTS’s. “On my mark: Ready… Go!” A kick to the Beez, and away he went, off through the hive.

(Hugs nights and gives a cookie and dose the same thing to reala and go away)


Luckily for the Visitor, he wasn’t working at the time.

"Thank you, Visitor!  I do love cookies!"

Unfortunately for the Visitor, it never mattered whether Reala was on duty or not: Any Visitor that dared to approach him met the same fate. Reala collected Ideya with that cookie. The Ideya were given to Wizeman and the cookie to NiGHTS.

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